Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment with Connect Therapies

Advantages to Using Lasers

The greatest advantage of laser acupuncture is that it's completely painless. This is a great way to attract patients to your clinic who may have needle phobia or when working with children.


Most patients feel nothing at all during laser acupuncture. Occasionally, with laser treatment you simply light up the point for a number of seconds, depending upon the power and output of your laser, and then move on to the next point. It's fast and easy. We're talking seconds in comparison to needle retention time, which may be 20 to 30 minutes.


Because you are not breaking the skin—there is zero risk of infection. Laser acupuncture is also effective and often shown to be as effective as needle acupuncture for a variety of problems. Effectiveness is enhanced because laser acupuncture allows you to treat points you otherwise might not be able to treat, due to patient age, sensitivity, or fear.