Connect Therapies Tans balance method and TUNGs acupuncture

Welcome to Connect Therapies

Connect therapies comes from connecting many therapies together to get the same result. Some people find needles work, some people find herbs work better. Either way we have the tools and the knowledge to help people with whatever condition they are experiencing.

We are committed and focused to provide you with the right knowledge and understanding so that you can help yourself become healthier in all areas. Connect Therapies applies the application and knowledge from two different styles of acupuncture; Tans balance method and TUNGs style acupuncture, although these are very famous in Taiwan, China and Korea it is not that big in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on being trained in these two methods and continue to learn from the best in the world in these two styles of acupuncture. These styles are famous for their instant results with pain, discomfort and internal imbalances.

We believe that in this busy lifestyle, we all need and have the tools to help ourselves. At Connect Therapies work is not work for us. It is our mission to find out what is wrong and how we can make you aware of the changes that need to take place. With the high standards of treatment and continual education we will not let anything beat us. It is our passion to help you succeed in becoming a stronger, more positive, energetic, and pain free with high successes with fertility, stress, pain and fatigue just to name a few.

At Connect Therapies we want you to start living your life again and have full optimisation of your health and wellbeing. We want you not to exist but reach your full potential.



For effective
treatment of:

  • More energy/stamina, chronic fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Pain relief – sports injuries, menstrual, headaches

  • Maintenance and well-being

  • Enhance your immunity, colds & flu’s

  • Eliminate stress, tension-anxiety and depression

  • Enhances the healing time. post surgery

  • Regulate hormone function, menopause, irregular cycles, PMS

  • Improve work/ sports performance

  • Women’s problems, infertility, Embryo Transfers, Regulation of cycle, morning sickness

  • Digestive issues: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel diseases, stomach upsets

  • Big thanks, I first started seeing Kane after I lost our first baby when I was 30 weeks pregnant. I found throughout the sessions that Kane, through Acupuncture, was able to help my body manage my grief and restore its balance and energy flow . Kane was also able to provide further treatment to prepare my body before our IVF Journey. Kane is wonderful to work with, always explained what he was doing with the needles and how they would improve the energy flowing throughout my body –a truly wonderful experience.


  • I am writing in regards to some acupuncture I had with you before and after a fresh embryo transfer for IVF. After the acupuncture sessions I felt extremely relaxed and at peace with our situation and truly felt that whatever the outcome I had done everything I possibly could. I really appreciated your knowledge and experience with treating infertility. We are extremely thrilled to say that this cycle was our successful one and we are currently almost 8 weeks pregnant after trying to conceive for almost 3.5yrs.


  • Your support and sound practice was amazing and gave us a new mind and feeling about the whole situation. Within 3 months of treatment we were pregnant with our gorgeous daughter Anika. We couldn't believe it, we were so excited. As the pregnancy progressed i had lots of major issues which followed with severe morning sickness, so we decided to use your excellent services again and traveled frequently to help improve this situation. You are exceptional at what you do and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


  • Tim and I had been trying for a baby for three years. After 18 months I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis, which I had surgery to remove. My doctor told us that I still only had about a 60% chance of getting pregnant and a year later nothing had happened even though we had been having treatment with the fertility clinic. My first acupuncture treatment was in April and two months later we found out we were finally having a baby. We will always be so thankful to Kane for helping us to get our beautiful babygirl Mikaia Rose.


  • I cannot recommend Kane from Connect therapies enough. Very warm & welcoming. I was 40 weeks pregnant and needed my baby turned as he was laying on my right side and also wanted the little man out! Kane explained everything he was doing & was interesting to chat to through my treatment. Not even 12 hours later I was in labour & he had turned! I will definitely be recommending Kane to all my pregnant friends and visiting him again for any post pregnancy treatment & vitamins.